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Requirements and benefits

There are two categories of Experts: professional partners and enterprise partners. Here are the requirements to join each program, along with the benefits each offers.

Professional partners

Professional partners are freelancers, digital agencies, and consultants who provide services to SMB and mid-market customers.

Enterprise Partners

Enterprise partners are agencies and systems integrators who provide services to larger customers on Webflow's enterprise platform.

Partner Requirements


Certified employees


Minimum customer projects

3 public customer sites
1+ projects on Webflow Enterprise

Workspace plan

Freelancer or Agency Workspace
Freelancer, Agency, or Enterprise Workspace

Portfolio website


Partner agreement


Webflow Enterprise projects per year


Webflow case study


Webflow site review


Webflow marketing activity per year


Partner battle card


Partner Benefits


Partner portal


Priority partner support


Access to exclusive partner updates

Professional Partners Directory

Webflow Experts listing

Enterprise Partners Directory
20% – Self-serve subscription

Revenue share

10% – Enterprise first year ACV

Dedicated partnership manager


Partner success specialist


Partner trainings


Beta feature access


Enterprise trial involvement


Conference sponsorships


Slack access


Comarketing opportunities


Client introductions

Via Experts Directory only
Direct intros from sales

Access to Enterprise feature releases


How the application process works

Learn what to expect when you apply to become a Webflow Expert

Who are Webflow Experts?
The Webflow Experts program is designed for active freelancers and agencies who service clients and build on Webflow. To become a Webflow Expert, applicants must demonstrate both proven expertise in the Webflow product as well as a successful history building sites for clients.
Please note: If you're a content creator or influencer who regularly creates content about Webflow or web development, you may be a better fit for our Webflow Affiliates program.
Preparing your application
To apply to become a Webflow Expert, here’s the information you’ll need to have ready:
  • Basic information about you/your business (name, location, contact info, etc.)
  • Completed certifications – applicants must pass the following certifications before applying:
  • Have an active Webflow plan – applicants must have an active Freelancer or Agency Workspace plan
  • Client work examples – links to 3 sites you’ve built for clients using Webflow
  • Portfolio website – link to your personal portfolio/company website
Preparing your client work examples
When submitting your application, you’ll be asked to provide links to 3 sites you’ve built for clients using Webflow. Please refer to our site grading rubric when selecting which sites to submit.

The sites you submit should all be original work, not built using a Webflow Template. We recommend submitting sites that show off a range of skills/styles, rather than 3 sites which are very similar to one another.
Our review process
Once we receive your application, we’ll aim to review your submission and respond within 1-2 weeks. We’ll verify that you have the necessary certifications and Workspace plan, and we’ll review your 3 work examples to ensure they pass our site grading rubric.

Please keep in mind that our team receives a large number of applications, which makes it challenging for us to provide detailed feedback for each applicant.
Common rejection reasons
When preparing your application, please keep in mind the following common reasons why an application may be rejected:
  • Site(s) are built using a template
  • Sites aren’t real client sites built on Webflow
  • Site layouts are too simplistic or basic
  • Images or iconography are low quality (e.g. pixelated or non-optimized file type/size)
  • Inconsistent use of color, typography, or style guidelines
  • Design is cluttered or overwhelming, with poor visual hierarchy
  • Animations or movement are overused or distracting
  • Site does not follow best practices for accessibility
To make sure your sites meet our requirements, check out our site grading rubric!

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    Webflow Expert

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    Application review times are currently longer than normal
    We are currently receiving a large number of applications, and review times may be delayed. Please allow up to 8 weeks to hear back.
    Basic info
    Account requirements
    Brand presence
    Client experience

    Basic info

    Account requirements

    Required certifications
    To be approved as an Expert, you (or at least one team member at your agency) must have earned the following four Webflow certifications.

    Note: the “Webflow 101” certification is not required. Please make sure you have earned the exact four certifications listed below.
    When you completed the exams, the page asked you for an email address. This may or may not be the same as your Webflow account email address.
    Our team will verify that you/your teammate have passed the certifications in our system. Please make sure to provide the correct email above, otherwise we will not be able to verify your records.
    Confirm your Workspace plan
    To ensure effective collaboration with clients, all Experts must use Webflow’s Freelancer or Agency Workspace plans, which are designed specifically for Webflow professionals.
    Workspace Owner information
    Enter the email address of the user who owns your Workspace. This is the user whose role is listed as "Owner" in your Workspace settings page. Help me find this

    If you have multiple Workspaces, please provide the owner of your “primary” Workspace (the main Workspace that you use for your business/to build sites for clients). This will be the Workspace you use to manage your Expert profile.

    Brand presence

    Company website / Personal portfolio
    Please share a link to your agency’s website or your personal portfolio. If you don’t have a website, you can link to another profile where you showcase your work (e.g. Dribbble)
    Social profiles (optional)
    If you have any social profiles, you may include them below

    Client experience

    Client work examples
    Please submit links to three sites you've built for clients in Webflow. Please follow these requirements:
    • You may submit the live website URL or the Webflow preview/"read-only" link. How to find your read-only link
    • If providing the live site URL, please provide the custom domain if possible, rather than the staging domain (e.g. "" instead of "")
    • Only submit sites that you built using Webflow, on behalf of clients.
    • All sites should be original work, and should not be built using a Webflow Template (unless you are using a template you designed). If you submit sites built using a template which is not your own, your application will be rejected.
    • It's fine if these sites live in your clients' Workspaces – we will still be able to review them
    How we assess portfolio sites
    Make sure your portfolio sites meet the criteria laid out in our site grading rubric
    View site grading rubric
    Client history
    Tell us about your experience working with clients
    Client reviews (optional)
    If you have any reviews from past clients on other platforms, you may link to those profiles/reviews below (e.g. Upwork, Contra, Google Reviews, etc.). You can link to up to two profiles.

    Thanks for applying to become a Webflow Expert!

    We've received your application. We aim to respond to applicants within 1-2 weeks.
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