Webflow Experts Community Guidelines


Welcome to Webflow Experts! This page should give you a rundown on everything you need to get started, along with information on how the community works, and what we expect of you.

Collecting profile information

Before we add you to Webflow Experts, we need some basic information from you about your work, your rates, where to find you online, and more — which we’ll use to fill out your Experts profile. To send that info our way, fill out the form we've sent you via email and let us know when you’re all done.

Once we’ve got your profile set up, we’ll let you review it and make updates as needed. If you already have a profile but have questions or need to change/update your responses, please email partnerships@webflow.com.

Adding you to Slack

To help us stay in touch with Experts (and to let you meet the Experts community), we’ve set up a Slack community at webflowexperts.slack.com. We’ll send an invite your way, but if you have any trouble getting in there, let us know and we’ll sort you out. Also, if you're an agency with a project manager or colleague that you’d like to invite, please let us know.

Receiving projects

Clients can submit projects to Webflow Experts in one of two ways: 

  1. through a general request form, which goes to all Experts 
  2. or to a specific Expert through their specific profile page

Proposals submitted to all Experts

Here’s how projects come into Webflow Experts via the general request form, and how you’ll receive new proposals:

  1. Clients visit site and either submit the general “Submit a project” form
  2. Every expert will receive an email with the project details from experts-noreply@webflow.com, and a message will be posted in the #leads Slack channel
  3. If you are interested in the project, simply contact the client directly via email

Proposals submitted to your profile

Here’s how projects come into Webflow Experts via your specific profile page, and how you’ll receive new proposals:

  1. Clients visit site and browse list of Experts
  2. They submit a project by filling out a project form on your profile
  3. If someone submits a project from your profile, you’ll receive an email with the project details from experts-noreply@webflow.com (and we will be copied on that email)
  4. If someone submits a project from your profile, you must reply within 48hrs to find out more and determine whether or not you can take their project on. If you’re simply unavailable (or decide not to take on the project) please let the client know, encourage them to get in touch with another Expert or submit their project to the entire network.

Expectations and guidelines


With the endorsement of Webflow behind your profile, we expect Webflow Experts to be professional, communicative, and accountable in their interactions with clients, one another, and Webflow employees. We want to build a partnership with our Experts, but we need this network to maintain a high standard and reputation for it to succeed.


As part of your membership in our Experts network, we expect you to be actively responding to project requests from clients. To keep the network active and responsive, if you (or your agency) are repeatedly unresponsive when requests come in, we will reach out to discuss what’s going wrong and, if necessary, set your profile as a draft. In doing so, it will not be discoverable on the site, and you will need to contact us to discuss reactivating it.

Growing the community

We want this community to grow as Webflow grows, in step with the continued growth in demand for expert Webflow help on design projects. For this reason, our goal is not to simply swell the ranks of Webflow Experts as quickly as possible, but rather to continue incrementally growing the community as we see client side demand increase, and always with an eye to keeping the community composed of established professionals who have experience with the platform and a wealth of design experience and talent.

As we add new Experts moving forward, please give them a warm welcome to the community. We hope you all enjoy meeting and working with another as Webflow grows.

Webflow’s rights and responsibilities

Webflow provides the Experts community as a resource to the designers and businesses who want to use our tools. We make no claim or commitment about the number, frequency, or dollar amount of projects that Experts will receive through the Webflow Experts marketplace.

We’ll be paying special attention to Experts’ professionalism, activity level, and quality of work when determining which Experts remain active. If a partner violates our partner guidelines more than three times during a 90-day period, the partner is subject to further review. This may lead to a warning or removal from the program. Webflow reserves the right to remove any Experts from the Webflow Experts community for any reason.

Got feedback?

Have an idea of something we can do better? Chat with us on Slack, or mail us anytime at partnerships@webflow.com.