Arthur James

Arthur James


For the last five years, I’ve been designing simple, beautiful sites for happy clients all over the world. A multidisciplinary designer, I have a mass of experience using Webflow to build an array of sites, both big and small, simple and complex. I take this wealth of expertise and use it to ensure that your site is built to the highest standards for the lowest costs and in the shortest amount of time. 

My focus as a designer is on working with you as a client to make sure the site suits your needs. Whether I’m working with a country or a small startup, I make sure that my design is perfectly tailored to your needs, and that you will be able to update and improve on the site by yourself after the project has finished. 

As a full stack designer, my focus is on making sure that your whole project is perfect, start to finish. I can work with you on branding, crafting a visual identity, designing and building your site, then optimising it for SEO and creating a social media marketing presence.

If you have a site that needs any of these things, get in touch!

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Arthur very quickly grasped the brief despite the imprecise and wholly untechy request for help and delivered exactly what was needed. He basically overhauled a visually pleasing but clunky, unwieldy site and transformed it into an idiot-proof version that I can easily manage and which will help me to grow a business....and all without losing any of the aesthetics.

Courteous and super-smart, Arthur is a pleasure to work with.

Anthea Simmons, Course Director

Moorbath Creative


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