Craig Keeling

Craig Keeling


I am fascinated with how people think. Human thought drives behavior and culture. Tapping into that understanding is the business of marketing, advertising, design, education, management, neuroscience, philosophy, child care, government, and pretty much every other industry that's existed. 

The internet, being the intersection of design, information, psychology, and industry—I knew I had to be involved. Between the pace of technology driving new abilities and the nod to, and necessity of, excellent graphic design—the web is my home and it has been for the past nine years designing for clients like ASU College of Law, Honda/Acura Financial, the Phoenix Suns, Pivot Cycles, and Barrett-Jackson.

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Craig pays attention to the details, is comprehensive in ensuring good functionality across devices, and is always following the latest trends—making him an incredible asset to any company looking to maintain a responsible digital presence

Brandon Slayton

Consultant / Digital Strategist, Scottsdale, AZ


Craig consistently goes above and beyond expectations in his work and inspires others to do the same. His commitment to staying abreast of current technologies is evident in his work, and his eagerness to share is a priceless educational benefit to his team. It is a privilege to know Craig, and a pleasure to work with him.

Arnold Guerrero, Partner & Creative Director

The Idealistic, Phoenix, AZ