Edgar Allan

Edgar Allan


We’re a collection of big-agency expats who noticed that the operating model of most large firms aren’t all that great at adapting to the needs of digital product creation. 

Our client focus revolves around two main groups: enterprise and funded startups. We like the juxtaposition, because it lets us use the best of both experiences to make great things happen. How? We use our enterprise savvy to bring rigor and process to the wild-west startup world, and our DIY mentality to bring velocity and scrappiness to enterprise's layer-cake chain of command. 

Our approach is story first and browser second. We start with the simple question: What's the story? Then we ask, what is the brand story we need to tell, and what is the user story that we must listen to? As we map out the answers, we look at the intersection of those two ideas and work backwards to create everything else, from content outline to information architecture and design direction. Our approach works to uncover not only the narrative of the business, but also the how and the why of the reasons customers would want to bring your brand into their lives.

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I love working with everyone at Edgar Allan because they make the hard work of creating our brand easy for us and give us amazing design quality.

Allie Bashuk

Workplace Labs



When we redesigned our site Edgar Allan used Webflow durning the design process to create the presentation layer and then connected it to our existing WordPress CMS. I found working with them helpful and now that I can see the benefits of Webflow we are talking about a full migration on our next project.

Lauren O'Brien

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation



Edgar Allan worked with us to create a ‘design in the browser’ methodology using Webflow. It was great because it allowed us to develop live prototypes that could be shared with everyone in the regions as well as in user testing.

Micheal Sifrar

InterContinental Hotels Group



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