First Studio Design

$100-149 per hour, or $1,000-1,499 per day

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First Studio Design


First Studio Design is a one-man company working with passionate people around the world.

I do strategy, design, advanced SEO, and consulting. I mostly work with start-ups that want to grow their business and reach more audiences.

I was born and raised in the north of Norway in a place called Lofoten. (I suggest you google it and see how beautiful it is.)

I primarily live in Oslo and London, but I also regularly travel to visit my amazing clients wherever they are.

I love working with people who wants to build great things. So I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Working with Ruben is your next best business venture. He is efficient, fast, and most of all reliable. If you have a question, if you need advice, Ruben is on it and available for you. You will always feel like he’s your #1 client, and you will always know you are getting the most cutting edge solutions to take your business to the next level. At Butterfly, he is singlehandedly our most powerful asset, which has enabled us to scale at speed and at sophistication.

Katerina, Head of Creative - Content Marketing

Butterfly Network


First Studio Design is professional and pleasant to work with. The website of Kongsberg Kunstforening is just as we wanted. Quick responses, quality and always benevolent to help is words that describe First Studio Design best.

Ingrid Austlid Rise

Kongsberg Kunstforening


After working with First Studio Design for the Kongsberg Kunstforening website it was no doubt that this was my first choice for my private website. First Studio Design is skilled, fast and helpful. Whoever goes into partnership with him will not be disappointed.

Ingrid Austlid Rise



First Studio Design lifted a big burden from our shoulders with this website. He understood the needs we as a user have and the customer. The site is easy to use for both parts. We really recommend First Studio Design if you have better things to do than make websites.

Anne Rebekka

Saeteraasen stall