The Good Kind is an award winning design and strategy studio for those working to shift society's narrative into a more positive one. We work with non-profits, startups, and established businesses to help them fully express their story and intentions into the world - in their products, brand, and digital experiences.
Our promise: impactful work, crafted with heart.

Their design and UX solutions have helped put user empowerment at the centre of our service. And most importantly they are an absolute pleasure to work with and aligned with our progressive values.

Steve Anderson
New Mode
September 1, 2018

Incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and responsive. They not only finished earlier than schedule but with high quality and integrity. We're excited to work with Good Kind again on future projects.

Sam Radocchia
April 1, 2018

They were incredibly responsive to our needs while being proactive to make sure we got the most out of the rebrand. In the process of building a website, we gained a new committed ally in our mission to accelerate progressive movements. Can't recommend the Good Kind team highly enough.

Peter Gibbs
Organize BC
January 9, 2018