Heco is a Chicago-based design studio that makes better user experiences and more interesting brands. We're big on prototyping, collaborating and trying to find inner peace. It's our aim to make things that earn their spot in people's lives.
JT Helms and Matt Cowen are Heco's founding partners. JT is a Creative Director and designer who helps clients develop better brand identities, web experiences and interactive product designs. Matt is a Creative Director and writer who works across creative disciplines—from Product Design to UX to Strategy—to help clients develop stronger brands and better messages.
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Working with Heco on our website was a total pleasure from start to finish. The time and thought JT and Matt spent in Discovery really paid off. They provided outstanding visuals and copy, and achieved a final result that's impactful and intuitive to use. Because of Heco, our site does a great job of communicating what we do and why we're unique. And above all, they're just great people to work with.

Bumper Carroll, VP Creative
Second City Works
January 1, 2017

Heco really listened to the story behind our project. They didn't come in with the cut and paste techniques that most agencies use. They toured and researched Topeka, and immersed themselves in the new properties. With that data and inspiration, they were able to create outstanding brands for Cyrus and The Weather Room. It was a fresh approach that made us feel welcome and the project authentic.

Seth Wagoner, CEO & CFO
AIM Strategies, LLC
January 1, 2018

We presented Heco with quite a challenge: making a complex AI and behavioral science company understandable. They nailed it. After our site launched, we noticed a considerable pickup in our pipeline and in positive comments about our unique business model.

Bob Suh, Founder and CEO
January 1, 2018

Heco gave us the foundation to grow our business and gain a competitive edge in the digital-forward insurtech space. Our new branding and website decreased our bounce rate by 14% and increased pages viewed per session from 2 to 4. They were collaborative and detail oriented from beginning to end. Deciding to work with Heco has proved to be an investment that is still paying dividends.

Jericho Shackleford, Marketing Lead
January 1, 2019

By integrating Design, UX and Copy at the beginning of the process, Heco turned around a beautiful website in record time, and created an experience where messaging and design work together to connect with all of our target audiences.

Kara Eldersveld, Director of Brand Strategy
TechHire + The Black Sheep Agency
November 15, 2016

We are changing the way people invest in real estate, which makes marketing a real challenge. To get more investors our brand needs to build immediate trust. JT and Matt quickly learned our business and how our target thinks, and helped us clearly communicate what we do and why we do it better. Because of their work we now have a brand and website that has helped us achieve triple digit growth in the last 18 months.

Michael Episcope, Principal
Origin Investments
June 1, 2015

We sent Heco 438 files of musings, half-starts and inspiration. They gathered the perspectives of seven people, including potential customers, and somehow (in just four weeks) they synthesized those competing ideas into a coherent vision for our brand. We're rushing to implement their recommendations fast enough to keep up with the compliments that we're getting as a result of their work. Plus, our team now has a common perspective on who we are, which has made working together even better.

Joseph Dombroski, Head of Experience
September 1, 2016