Startups deserve great websites. Perhaps more than anyone. Your website is your calling card for the world to buy into vision, way before it hatches into its full IPO/acquihire/hostile takeover potential.

That's why we're here 👋 High Five Studio is a gang of UX designers and no-code developers wildly specialized in startups, tech, and modern web technology. We research extensively, obsess over the latest design trends, speak the language of growth hacking, and run a design process that turns zero-to-hero to just a blip on your busy calendar.

Our clients range from 500 Startups alumni to biotech behemoths, and they usually tell us we really, really rock in the following departments:

- UX and strategy mindset: we grasp your goals and build around them
- Translating your product and brand into a user-favorite web experience
- Designing and (no-)coding websites that stand out from the crowd
- Faithful Figma to Webflow development that stays true to your vision
- Great coaching: we teach teams how to smash that CMS & rich-text to grow on their own

And there you have it. Smash that contact form and let's build you a Website People Love
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