Joshua Kratt

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Joshua Kratt


Hello! My name is Joshua Kratt and I am a freelance web designer. I design stunning and user friendly websites from scratch. I love God and I do all of my work unto Him. After moving from California to Georgia I found my passion in design.

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I am so honored and impressed with Joshua's level of professionalism. He has excellent work ethics. I have total faith and trust in him as well as his talent. I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Towauna Fisher

Towauna Fisher LLC



Our agency here in Los Angeles recently hired Joshua to create a website and implement brand design for a client of ours. He did exactly what we had expected and anticipated -- he blew us out of the water with more than we expected. 

I knew from looking at his portfolio he possessed the talent we were searching for in order to complete the website to the standard of the vision we had for our client. When we spoke to Joshua before working together, I was eager to find that he was very driven and had a passion for problem solving in matters of design.

Madison Berrones

Simply Practical Consulting



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