Piter Dimitrov

$100-149 per hour, or $1,000-1,499 per day

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Piter Dimitrov


I strive to design unique, useful and creative websites that help brands and businesses stand out. I love to work with open minded people who value design and creative freedom.

I have been working as a freelancer for more than 2 years. My everyday mission is to grow as a designer. I'm also running a small design studio.

I am an infinitely curious mind who likes to explore new ideas about life, space, science, design and everything else you can think of.

“Style? I have no style. I solve problems.” –Piter Dimitrov

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Piter is one of the best Webflow Experts to work with. He’s not only a great developer but also helped us tremendously with UX design suggestions.

Zeeshan Rasool

Enchant Studios



Piter is a great example of a young, creative and talented designer. He was able to express our vision by designing a beautiful and simple website. He also made the branding and brand materials for Dara spring water. From day one we knew that we will get the best solution for our problem.


Dara Spring Water



Glamping is something new here in Bulgaria and we knew that a beautiful website will helps us spread the idea and grow faster. The first meeting we had with Piter was very productive and that’s why we decided to hire him for the job. He is really talented and he knows how to bring an idea to life.


GORA Glamping



We was having a big problem with our old website. It was hard for people to understand and navigate. Our mission is to inform Bulgarian patients about their rights and to provide legal support for them. That’s why we needed something new, well designed and easy to understand. Piter was the right choice for the job!

Iva Dimova