The digital era has come with two great promises. More access to knowledge and information. And better connections between people. I believe in these promises. And I want to create stories built on them.
Like the evolvement of humans, our capabilities and the progress of our communities. Like the ever revealing depths of nature and the universe. These are stories without endings.
I strive to build sustainable, lasting structures. Platforms connecting people. Data and knowledge that is transparent and accessible. Frameworks for starting and growing new experiences that can evolve over time. Stories that never end because people telling them are constantly renewed.
I value projects with social potential and opportunities for people to connect and build community. And I value projects that can make people wiser or richer with great experiences.
My main focus is UX design, and I work on digital products and websites. From strategy and concept to user journey creation, information architecture and clickable prototypes. From visual identity and UI design, to full implementation in Webflow or with nocode tools like Bubble.io and others.

Jesper was the designer and project manager behind the design of our new website. The driving force which made sure we delivered against a very ambitious target date. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jesper and bringing the vision of our new website to life. His systematic approach and positive demeanor made working with Jesper a very easy, pleasant and hassle-free experience. I highly recommend Jesper if you’re looking for a skilled webflow designer that delivers on time with a smile on his face.

Monika Niedbalska, Marketing & Communications Director

I realized only a few minutes into our first conversation that Jesper truly understands the potential of telling stories using technology. I was frankly relieved to have found him amid the crowded field of developers who seem more focused on branding and marketing solutions. Jesper was genuinely interested in the project I came to him with and distinguished himself right away with his rare combination of creativity, technical expertise and a truly helpful attitude. While we've just begun our journey together, it is great to know that I have found a partner who can help make my vision a reality.

Richard Laugharn, Artist
adeepermap.org, richardlaugharn.com, followingdesertplants.com

In a sea of overcrowded "web experts" Jesper Vestergaard of Stories Without Endings" stands out among his peers. His professionalism, knowledge, on-time delivery, and seamless communication made this project a frictionless success. I can say without hesitation I will be calling on Jesper again on my next Webflow project.

Jason Frasca
Emergent Futures Lab