Super Duper Studio

Super Duper Studio


Super Duper is a design studio from Sao Paulo, Brazil, that loves to craft beautiful experiences and help brands achieve the next level of super.

We love to do Digital Planning, Branding, Graphic, Product, UX/UI and Web Design.

Our DNA is gradient. We truly believe that the only way to connect with the hearts of brands to the hearts of their consumers is by working together and by mixing our colors. Want to create great things with us? Give us a call!

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I had a fantastic experience working with the Super Duper team. I was impressed by their unique design sensibilities and commitment to the creative process. They brought a huge value to the project and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Leticia Gurjão

Station Films


Super Super Duper! What I really like is the way of working of them! They are very accessible and easy going. They have great ideas, but keep their feet on the ground. Also, they understand the brand’s codes and play very well with them.

Natalia Amaral

Moet Hennessy France



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