Expert in HTML, CSS, static & moving images production, I'm a natural in Webflow. I can bring the best designs and interactions for your project, and I can produce great visual & original content that will make it stand out.
I've been working with Webflow for years now and I have a true design approach to answer each one of your objectives. I will help you to architecture your data and prioritize your goals. I will also make your online presence shine, by working with you on your social media actions and content and by being an advised counselor for your SEO strategy.
I have a 10+ years of experience in building and integrating CMS and I'm eager to review your project, wether it's a landing page for an app or a service, an UI/UX mission, a publishing CMS or an e-commerce website.
I have published many apps on desktop and all mobile platforms, for myself and others, I am skilled in pixel perfect UI items production as well as managing app stores and app digital presence.

I wanted a website as an easy way for potential clients to contact me. As a designer, Vincent immediately got the feeling of my products and decided to produce original content to showcase them, in the form of immersive beauty shots he filmed with his camera, spending time to carefully craft each shot, and working on post-production to give them this unique, grainy look. the way he brought those animations to the web is just outstanding. My clients and my friends keep talking about my website and ask where they can get the same.

Jérôme Martin
Je-Rôm Edit, designer furnitures
June 10, 2016

Vincent won our request for proposals because he was the one truly understanding our brief, how the graphical treatment of our long form written content was essential for our new project. He did the necessary researches on typography and built responsive templates that really represent the world of political & sociological long form publishing. You can tell how much he's been dedicated to our project by how proud we are to showcase it today.

TEPSIS Laboratory
EHESS, Insitute of Political Sciences
February 20, 2017

We needed a website to kickstart our bike renting activity. Vincent not only built a splendid landing page but also designed icons and crafted specific visuals to emphasize how our offer differs from the competition: the excellence of our bikes. Our site really looks like no other, it went beyond our expectations.

Cyrille Dubois / Thomas Horvatin
November 15, 2016